CD-Plus is a powerful, customized, community development management system, and flagship of the Perconti Data Systems, Inc. product line.  Used by thousands of users for over two decades and multiple upgrades and redesigns,  CD-Plus is an ever-evolving, customer driven product.  Whether you are a small town or a booming metropolis, CD-Plus can handle the administration of a large network and provide fast access to your data without the overhead of a full-time administrator. Our table driven structure and quality hands-on training provides easy administration by users so that they can do there work without being bogged down by system administration. CD-Plus has the following modules:

  • Permitting and Inspections
  • Code Enforcement
  • Business Tax Receipts / Occupational Licensing
  • Development Review
  • Growth Management

Details of what is included in each module are outlined below.  To schedule a demonstration, please email: info@perdasys.com or call 727-576-7727, Option 5.

Permitting and Inspections
This module tracks and controls permits from application to plan review to issuance to inspection to certificate of occupancy or completion. With features such as automated value calculation, fee computations, standard reviews, and standard inspections, the system assists the technicians in accurate and complete permit processing. Of course, it includes a full contractor licensing submodule for contractor verification and renewal. The optional Touch-tone inspection processing system and laptop/handheld inspection component improves your service levels to your customers while increasing the efficiency of your inspectors.

Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement module controls and tracks complaints, cases, citations, and violations. The module has capabilities to record different user-defined case types like: environmental, structural, right-of-way, contractor licensing, abandoned vehicle, sign , and zoning; each with their respective unique data, violations and ordinances. Each visit is recorded along every violation compliance. Automated letter generation is a standard component in this module to produce Notices of Violation, Orders of the Board, Letters of Compliance, Letters of Non-compliance, and various Affidavits, to name a few.

Business Tax / Occupational License
Business Tax / Occupational License is a full-function business licensing system. Key components are automated license fee calculations, complete license renewal process, accurate penalty assessments, and the ability to completely track occupational license history (including transfers and renewals). Substantial reporting by issuance information, location, or SIC/NAICS codes. An interface to contractor licensing satisfies the integration requirements of the most demanding licensing departments.

Development Review
This module automates the process or reviewing development applications. Through the use of a project and sub-project mechanism the system controls each application such as: rezoning, preliminary plat, site plan minor and major, administrative site plan adjustments, comprehensive plan modifications, temporary use, variances, and many others. This module, working closely with the Growth Management module, tracks and controls specific land use allocations at a property level. Extensive review checklists enable departments to record review comments for each application. Automated letter generation is also a key aspect to this module.

Growth Management
The Growth Management module tracks infrastructure usage and approves adequate facilities requirements for each project or sub-project. The module tracks various infrastructure element attributes such as: current capacity, current demand, vested demand, and available capacity. Each project is tracked by resources allocated or vested versus actually used. The status and capacity of any infrastructure element is always available for online review and the complex reporting usually associated with concurrency tracking.